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the first time I get on a CaBi bike I will dedicate the ride to John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay, okay?

So Gray has finally succeeded in his quest to keep cars moving at any time in DC.
A mayor who was elected using illegal means is now using below the belt tactics to kill one of the best events in DC.

The area with the crashes in Montgomery County follows 355.... interesting.

Now, can the County and State do something positive about it?

Sadly they are more likely to do something like banning bikes or comming up with crazy laws to persuade people not to ride bicycles. :(

Sadly, you're probably right @Joe. The SHA's idea of bike safety is putting "Cyclists may use full lane" on 45 mph roads and then dusting off their hands as a job well done. They have no clue how to handle close in suburbs or anything other than maximizing motor vehicle throughput.

The Maryland bike collision map looks like a Maryland population map, except for the hot spot in College Park.

The failure of the DC gov to get on board with Bike DC is very troubling

For all the complaints about MacArthur Blvd and the very popular rides in the Potomac area, these seem to have no crashes at all.

Too funny about the Nicole Kidman movie. Stoker! As a stoker, I admit it threw me, although I do think some of my tandem rides have had a psychological thriller aspect to them.

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