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The Go-getter bag, like the most Xtracycle-type panniers, isn't intended to be removed from the bike except for cleaning. I'm sure that the Capitol Police regularly cut open car trunks, too, which are capable of holding exponentially more dangerous stuff. Besides, don't they have mine-sweeping robots who can peek inside things by this point?

The W&OD closes? How?

Re W&OD: I have been commuting on the W&OD after dark for 19 years. I have never been stopped. It's utterly ridiculous that cyclists would be forced off the trail and onto streets after dark. So I support the new trial, but hope if it is deemed for some reason not to continue it that the result will not be increased enforcement of the existing rule that the park is closed. Also, while I applaud the new rule requiring pedestrians to have reflective clothing and a light (it is impossible to spot them otherwise until you are right on them if you ride with light on low setting so as not to blind oncoming traffic) I doubt the rule will make a difference.

Given how much free time the Capitol Police have, they probably squealed with glee when they saw an "unattended bag" and cut it open simply for shits and gigs. I don't mind that the CP exist, but they seem to be the most overstaffed law enforcement agency on the planet. Do we really need 5 officers and two cruisers idling at every intersection within spitting distance of the Capitol?? Oh, and of course CP won't be facing cuts due to the sequester...Congress is smart enough (just barely) to not take that metaphorical shit right where they eat.

Has anyone ever had their helmet stolen from their locked bike? I've seen helmets locked to a bike frame through the ear strap and air vents. I can't believe a thief would be so safety conscious as to steal a helmet. It's not like they can be pawned off somewhere. Even old helmets for sale on Craiglist - do they ever get any response other then "ewwwww."?
And, FWIW, no, I don't support the mandatory helmet bill - but for reasons other than, "It's a hassle to have to carry one around."

Regarding the Chevy Chase Lake Plan: One challenge is how to get cyclists from the trail down to the street level on the east side of Connecticut Ave. On the west side there will be link, but the plan didn't have a good link on the east side. The developer was actually contemplating steps with a ramp on the side so you could roll the bike down, plus an elevator. Bike advocates pointed out that neither of these solutions was a good idea, and that a full ramp you can ride down is needed.

Re: Go Getter bag. Once a bike bag in my rear crate bounced out and landed on the walkway of an elementary school in Bethesda. An hour later it was still there, no bomb squad thank goodness.

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