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I seem to be missing which article it is that talks about the Parklawn intersection with Randolph (Montrose Parkway, but it changes names at MD355, yes?). The Missing Link?

Fixed like my dog.

I don't really expect Arlington to plow the trails when it snows. After the first day, which is actually really fun snow to ride on, I'll just take Lee Highway and the neighborhoods. But it would be pretty sweet if they could avoid plowing the snow from the roads such that it blocks the trail access points.

Plowing trails matters. The fact that the Wilson Bridge Trail is plowed after every storm was one of the factors that enabled me to give up my car.

It hasn't mattered much this year--we've had more hype than snow--but it was nice to see the plows out there ready to go one evening this year as I rolled by on snow tires (I set up one of my three bicycles with snow tires each winter--that's the one I've been using on snow-hype days this year. It also works in snow, it the snow isn't too thick, and on ice).

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