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I'm typically not a supporter of life in prison, but after reading this...


I own a firearm, but never carry it on me (ride into DC so it's illegal and honestly I really only take it out at the range or if I'm deep in the woods camping/hiking). However, this is one of those things that makes me think maybe I should.

I carry a can of pepper spray on a quick release of my backpack shoulder strap when I ride at night along trails. Though we don't have a lot of crime in our area, bike trails are so secluded and full of hiding spots that I feel like I need something ready. Not sure I'd want to do anything against someone armed & ready with a gun, but if they have a history of beating people...

I wonder if Arlington is going to be like that ANC over in Northeast and tell us not to ride on the trail alone?

I'm SURE the Arlington County board is ON IT, streetcar and artisphere style.

Ugh. Best wishes for the riders' recovery.

Although I love trails, they are less safe than the streets in this respect.

Riders needs to keep all their senses attuned during a ride. If something doesn't look right, stop and be prepared to book in the opposite direction.

Common sense should tell you not to ride the trails alone at night.
I was robbed of a my bicycle a ,Guerciotti at gun point. This was around 1980 on New Hampshire ave. just south of Takoma park. There is no part of town or suburbs that does not have crime or drunk drivers . It is going to take more then bike ways to make this area truly bike able.

This is horrible. I have been riding
the trails alone at night for years, carefully and with some trepidation. I recognize that there is heightened danger. Luckily, so far, nothing has ever happened to me. Not riding the trails alone at night is not a viable solution. I had to lay off my personal body guard due to budget cuts, and my cycling club doesn't do rides at 9:30 p.m. I have evening meetings and a job to attend, and bicycling is how I get around. In fact, I dare say that if everyone listened to "Common Sense" there would be even fewer people on the trails.

Just be aware of your surroundings at all time. It's honesty good advice regardless if it's for theft, terrorism or bizarre acts of God.

A thief attempted to steal a friend's car in a Crystal City condo building garage just the other week. And someone tried to break into the small glass room where our parking garage attendants sit last week at work (and we're not in a rough part of town by any stretch). It happens everywhere, all the time.

I still prefer my odds on the trails versus on the streets I would have to take otherwise because I've encountered enough insane/drunk/texting/etc drivers to make me think a mugging would somehow actually be safer.

The main difference between this and the case of the retired D.C. cop who hit a cyclist on purpose seems to be that the robbers didn't actually try to kill anyone. Maybe the robbers can get anger management.

Police Investigate Armed Robbery on Custis Trail at ArlNow.com

Jack wins.

This is an amazing thread.

Two Wheels (the commenter) rammed the gunmen and escaped.

Ren used to bike with a personal bodyguard.

Jack is a hilarious wiseass.

When did WashCycle's comment section turn into a pretty good buddy action movie?

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