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awww, NYC is so cute! They have no idea what a wild success it will be.

With the exception of some afraid of losing parking, does anyone not want a cabi dock near them?

Having grown up and learned to cycle (and spear woolly mammoths) on the streets of Manhattan, bully for anything to further inconvenience automobiles in that city. The entire physical and economic history of the place is one of serial despoliation, notably by Robert Moses and his ilk, who finally found the limits of public tolerance with a plan for an elevated highway from the Westside highway to the Midtown tunnel, crossing Washington Sq. Bikeshare objections seem amazingly weenie in this context.

I agree, Bike Share is going to be an enormous hit in NYC. The convenience of the system will sell itself. Within a year, the typical New Yorker won't even think of leaving their home without their fob.

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