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That adult biking class is great news. Disagree a bit it is once every 10 year story, I do think something new is going on.

Sounds like you just got a job with the Internet Retirement Police!

Retired doesn't mean you have to be unproductive. Many people like being productive. And if you are, at least some of the productive things you're doing probably pay you money. The difference is whether you are choosing to do them because you want to, or because you need the money. MMM doesn't need the money.

The most dangerous time for any cyclist when they are learning. No small part of that is psychological, as they often overreact and overcorrect when nervous. That's why the growth of dedicated cycling infrastrucutre is so critical for attracting new ridership.

He does need the money - at least from the rental property.

I got a good laugh at that one. Hell, I get paid pretty well, don't have to do any hard labor, and have a flexible schedule. I could quit tomorrow, move somewhere with a very low cost of living, and have a (very) modest income as a landlord.

I guess I'm retired too!


Perhaps this is the real genius of Mr Money Mustache. Before I read him, I was *not* retired. Now that I've read about him, I *am* retired.

He really did help me retire early! LOL.

How do you get to be nerd if you don't have a science degree?

What Crickey said.

I'm 27 and just learned to ride last year. Within a couple of months of learning to ride, I went out and got a road bike and now I'm doing duathlons. Love it!

It really is a hard psychological barrier to get over, but it literally takes all of 30 minutes for a reasonably coordinated adult to be able to ride. I'm not really sure classes are needed.

One version of a nerd prom was held this past Sunday at the National Academy of Sciences celebrating the 150th anniversary held it's garden party. Today Obama addresses the NAS.

How do you get to be nerd if you don't have a science degree?

Nerds are born, not made.

+1 on the higher risks as a beginner cyclist.

I had my only potentially serious bike accident one month after I got my first bike (as an adult). Fortunately I only received a large bruise on my cheek, a cut on my brow and a very sore shoulder, but no broken bones.

I made a newbie mistake. But I learned from that mistake and have never had another serious bike accident. Only a couple of slow tip-overs at intersections until I figured out how to use clipless pedals.

If "Nerd" is used so loosely as to encompass the WH correspondents (i.e. senior journalists), then what is the purpose of the word? Is a jock just a "sports nerd"? If you are not interested in school, are you just a "enjoyment nerd"? Are the cheerleaders now "fashion nerds"?

As a member of the Nerdo-American community I resent this appropriation of our shared heritage and the cheapening of nerd values that inevitably follows.

Supporting this data, I took a rock-climbing class from REI the other day, and the instructor told me that of the REI classes he teaches, adult learn-to-bike is the most consistently oversubscribed.

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