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The monday news thread isnt letting me post....

Kathy, flashing red means stop, like any stop sign. After stopping, you can continue when clear.

That being said....HAWKS suck. Theyre pointless, and confusing.

Standard rule: When a signal is dark, treat as broken and come to a full stop. But HAWK says....treat off as green.

Standard rule: Two flashing red lights = railroad = DO NOT PROCEED YOURE GOING TO DIE. Hawk says: Stop and proceed.

Its BS and will cause more harm than good in the long term, as people treat all blank signals as green and all flashing reds as stops.

There is ZERO reason they couldnt have just installed a standard traffic signal for the same exact purpose, without confusing people.

Like LA does


Everyone knows what a traffic signal is and means. Screw HAWK.

Lytonsville station has all the appeal of a prison exercise yard.

JJJJ, this is why I was confused as to what I was supposed to down when confronted with a HAWK for the first time in Tucson (there weren't any helpful signs BTW).

Like you noted, flashing red lights usually denote rail crossings (at least where I grew up) or fire engines leaving the fire house (in which case they go off when all is clear).

I've routinely noted that the quasi-hawk signal at the Shirlington Connector (near the start of the WO&D) is routinely ignored by drivers, even at night when the lights are more evident.

I think I would favor regular lights being installed in DC, preferably automatically activated by peds and cyclists.

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