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Re: Navy..

What is this? Is another CaBi station planned? Is this just a PR photo-op? And while on subject...has the east end of the Navy promenade re-opened (nr the 11th street bridge construction mess)?

Come to think of it, Dorothy didn't wear a helmet, and she got a frightful bump on the head. Nor did Elmira Gulch, and she even biked in the tornado.

My wishes for Memorial Bridge have more to do with the approaches than the bridge itself. I'd like to see the dirt path between Pentagon and Memorial Bridge along Rt. 110 paved. And the GW Parkway crossings leading to the Mount Vernon trail are very dangerous.

Of course, given that a tornado can throw a piece of straw hard enough to penetrate a wall, I am not sure how thick the helmet needs to be.

I agree that Memorial Bridge is decent enough for cyclists once you get to the bridge. Getting to the bridge is the problem, especially on the Arlington side. They could also widen, somehow, the Mt. Vernon Trail as it passes under Memorial Bridge. The existing trail is far too narrow. It's barely wide enough for a single bike.

Think big! I would love to see a cycletrack down the middle of the Memorial Bridge. On more modest scale, mode separation on the side paths would be wonderful. The sidewalks are plenty wide, until a huge tour group decides it wants to walk from ANC to the Lincoln. If there were a cycletrack that was a step down from the sidewalk (you'd only need it on the South side of the bridge, since that's where the connections are), you'd prevent some of that conflict.

Maybe Maryland should make helmets mandatory during tornadoes.

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