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I hate bringing this up, but any station updates in DC?

from the april article:

"Instead, shortly before Christmas, officials announced plans to add an additional 54 stations by the end of March. So far, however, only six of those stations have been added. Holben said officials have been slowed by weather and technical issues associated with the crane used for station installation.

But Holben said those issues have been resolved. DDOT plans to install four additional stations by the end of the week, followed by “eight to ten” per week until all 54 have been installed, Holben said."

Last time I complained, I think 3 or 4 had been installed, and while I can't find a good list, it does not seem anywhere near eight to 10 per week.

Some of the fraud suits against Armstrong might be difficult because of the need to show damages. The sponsors certainly received a lot of (at the time) positive publicity from their relationship with the team and with Armstrong. I think most if not all gained quite a bit, instead of losing anything.

Not to absolve Armstrong of any blame, but I don't know when it comes to financial losses for sponsors. (The situation with the insurance company and the bonus they paid out is a different matter. But even then, they got what they wanted at the time, which was visibility and promotion of their company.)

Today in Arlington CaBi installations: S Arlington Mill Dr & Campbell Ave / S Kenmore & 24th St S
Photos of these 2 new stations added to yesterday's photos:

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