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The most rote cause of terrorism is to promote fear, but I think you have a good point if it's for some perverse political gain then wouldn't people have to know it?

If one takes the coincidence of date to imply potential motive then one would also have to consider the event itself, meaning perhaps it's obese people striking back at fit people. Equally far-fetched, but shares some commonalities with the actual occurence.

Me, I think it's the pure fear terrorist like those that struck in London and Madrid befor--hoping to make us afraid to live our lives the way we do. Then again, I don't know squat about homeland security except if I see something, I'm supposed to say something (to whom is a little more confusing because the # always switches it seems).

Current speculation (and it's just that -- speculation) is that it could be a lone wolf, operating on his own. (Most lone wolfs seem to be men, not women.) My first thought was that it was a domestic terrorist, but that's just another guess.

In any case, it's a horrible and cowardly act. But it won't stop the running and endurance sports community. Boston is a celebration of running, of endurance sports, of dedication and of the open worldwide community of runners. That won't stop because of one cowardly criminal.

I see more bollards in our future.

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