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I wouldn't recommend that, though.

That's about right. The Commissary on Ft Myer has a nice wave rack right by the entrance. Too bad it's almost always got pallets of products stacked right up against it.

I was at Navy Yard on business a few months ago & asked the marine on guard duty where I could lock my bike while I went inside. He looked at me like I was nuts.

"Just prop it up against the wall!"

Well damn oboe,how much safer can you get than having your bike guarded by an armed Marine?

Why would you want to be any different than anyone else? While there are plenty of bike racks on the Navy Yard, plenty of people ignore them, too. There is a rack in front of my building, so two cyclists ignore it -- it's got one bike in it at most -- and lock up to a railing ten feet away. (There are bike racks in each parking garage, in front of the fitness center, on the north side of the building with NCIS, and in a number of other locations.

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