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At this price, the rare times I don't ride my bike and my destination is not in walking distance (more than 2-3 miles), I'm still probably going to metro or bus it.

This would be great for occasional out-of-town guests/family.

Sweet. Oh wait.... there is still not a CABI in my neighborhood.

Here's a thought - CABI needs to move outta the high rent districts and provide service to... well, like all citizens paying for the service.

(okay, flames begin in 3 too won....)

CaBi is in many lower rent neighborhoods. Where do you live?

I didn't know Anacostia was a high-rent district. Or Trinidad. Or Shaw. Or Catholic University. Or Columbia Pike. Or...

There are certainly plenty of less affluent neighborhoods that still need CaBi coverage. Incidentally, the opposite is also true: if you need to penetrate the wilds of super-rich west-of-Wisconsin-Ave NW, there's nary a bike station to be found in remote spots like Palisades, where the bus service frankly sucks.

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