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I for one am shocked that the company which hasnt followed a single contract they signed is screwing over employees. Shocked.

Anonymous internet commenter makes vague accusation. World ends.

Contract steering, now trying to screw their employees.
But it is the norm for yuppies to feel no one has value save them. This is a blemish on the whole movement toward a more human city. I believe Eric is at fault. He was always an arrogant type. Much of the resentment that people feel toward "bikeshare" is the result of people like Eric .
Now if bikeshare is going to be nonunion the it is anti labor and must expect resistance.
After all it was just an act of uncle tomism that got the thing started to begin with. Now if the "bikeshare" is going to screw the same citizens that pay the tax that makes it possible. But that is the norm for DC pay for business that screw them workers and pander to the white people no matter what.

IS it just me, or is there a spate of bad news nice Evil WashCycle was released into the public?

Prevailing wage for a bicycle repairer is $14.43? Ouch.

And why is that less than driving a light truck. Anyone can drive a light truck, but good bike mechanics are far more rare.

$14.43/hour is probably higher than most bike mechanics in DC (none of them subject to the "prevailing Federal wage") get. Standard is probably between $12.00 and $14.00. Bike Share mechanics have a good gig going relative to the abysmal -- and sad -- pay structure at bike shops. Not really the shops' fault -- it's just a shame that as a society we don't seem to value that work.

Is CaBi the first bike share service funded with Federal money that Alta has run? Maybe there were just caught unawares of the possible requirement to pay federal wage rates.

Lots of people wouldn't mind being paid the federal wage rate for their profession :).

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