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Yes, thank God D.C. is not New York. Some people actually like to see the sun at midday, and not have 100 people speed-walk over them on every sidewalk. NYC is a nice place to visit, but not everyone wants to live there. (Despite what all the hipsters and media fashionistas seem to think.)

I really like this: "when the Purple Line is built."

Not "if."

Yeah, I'd be toast without a shower at work. I've done it, but it was not pretty.

My new Zen attitude seems to be paying off. I'm having fewer issues with angry drivers these days. Also, I take the lane. The whole goddamn thing. It actually seems to help with that same point.

So why don't they just call it Kozmo? They'd already have a supply of messenger bags and scooters.

Re:everymantri,we care about Tri people why?

Re:BusinessInsider,love the comment about how left hand turners screw up traffic worse than bikes. So very true.

Why is there a distinction between triathletes and bike commuters? Many, but not all, fit into both categories.

Commuters don't worry about their strava times. They just go to work.

I LOL'd when I saw that the guy who wrote the KC piece seems to have plenty of time away from his family to be a triathlete. I'm sure his kids see him a lot on weekends.

The writer about biking not being feasible is stuck in the same mind-set that plagues a lot of transportation planning: the assumption that all commuting is done by one mode, the entire way, both ways, and every work day.

That said, the weather in Copenhagen is much milder than most of the USA, and the drivers in Northern Europe are not crazy a-holes.

Urban Courier? Who gets paid how much and how? Many if not most courier companies have been rip offs for both the courier and the customer. They evade paying insurance , unemployment,SSI and etc. by listing their employees , i.e. the couriers as "independent contractors. Hopefully this is not just another such scram.

CaBi station at Gunston Park in Arlington (28th St. S. and Meade) is offline because of unspecified damage. No word on what caused the damage, whether it's a car or vandals or something else.


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