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Arlington has quite a bit of evidence from their automated counters that cyclists actually do use bike paths. A lot. And last time I checked, Arlington was in Virginia.

Add it all up, and the result is a near-religious devotion to the bike: “I really think I’m doing God’s work,” a biker told The New Yorker in 2006.

This one sentence aptly illustrates just what a verbal wankfest the "backlash against biking" article is. Anytime the evidence used to support one of your theses is "a cyclists once said something to this effect seven years ago" you really need to step back and recalibrate.

My, my. Such dicty talk from the tabloids!

The Stingray was a great American bike. I sold my last one in 2001.

If Virginia conservative wonks are going to start complaining about bike paths in Maryland newspapers, I have a few choice things I could say about Virginia... Cuccinelli anyone?

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