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most americnas support slavery, if the question is asked with a certain construction...

citing opinion polls as warrant for social change is dangerous and stupid with a stupid population...

more than two-thirds of americans think there is a literal hell and a literal judgement day, in a real, material existing place...

a one place shop for how horrifying are the views of mr and mrs citizen is kahneman's *thinking fast and slow.*

now, dont misunderstand: the science is clear and compelling that no one is born stupid and arrogant. they are produced that way...and no group is stupidier, less plastic, and more reactionary than those who have been college educated...


Pretty crummy local news story and a good reminder why I typically don't watch it.

I'd like to know how many garage spaces exist on the M Street corridor. And what percentage of the total spaces are being taken away (not just the percentage of street spaces). The story never mentions any of the off-street spaces and garages that exist and will continue to exist after the M Street lane is finished. There are plenty of places to park downtown. People just don't want to pay.

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