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also this:


State has a loaner bikes program, but with several CaBi stations right around the building, I'm guessing they don't get used much. Since State isn't a "campus", the point is for mid-day trips to other agencies and such. A great idea, but again, CaBi has made it largely obsolete.

I work at Goddard and have never seen these before. Is there a map of where they live?

I don't think they live anywhere. They just move around as they're used.

I worked at the Naval Research Lab in SE DC during the 1970's and they had a fleet of very well used Schwinn cruiser-style one-speeds for getting around the laboratory grounds. They weren't fancy but they were very useful in getting around NRL which is a pretty big campus.

The guards at the gate of FT. McNair required bikers have not only a helmet but a reflective vest the same was true at the Navy Yard , but this was before 911 .

The require only a helmet at Boiling - Anacostia. (but I've never been there after dark).

Livermore Labs had red bikes (red as in socialist, of course) scattered throughout the 1-mile square fenced-in campus. Actually, two sets of bikes, since the really sensitive (nuclear weapons) parts of the lab had an additional set of fences. Worked very well, you could pretty much always find a bike when you needed one, and the guards ensured that none ever walked away on their own.

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