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Another advantage of bikes over cars! On Monday I had to help some ducks trying to cross Rock Creek Parkway into the stream. One duckling got killed, and the drivers were pissed that I held up traffic to rescue a straggler. On Sunday, I came across a turtle recently killed by a car.

The Parkway, or Beach Drive? I really wish they'd close Beach Drive to commuter traffic.

Beach Drive

I am surprised there is no public movement to close Beach Drive to commuter traffic.

Good for you.

David: there is a public movement. It is shot down as part of the "war on cars". I'd like to keep Beach Drive open, but control the speeds better.

Ducks seem to be oblivious to people, cars and bikes. They will continue on their merry way, even if you walk right next to them.

Canadian geese are a different story. Beware of the geese in the spring when they have their broods. The adults can get quite nasty if you get too close. I've been chased off of the Mt. Vernon Trail by a group of 20 or 30 geese. Presumably they were protecting their young. But I wasn't trying to threaten them or even approach them. They were so close to the trail that I couldn't pass by without riding near them. Oh well.

FYI - Adult Canadian geese are quite large!

Using Beach Drive as a commuter route is stressing the ecosystem, and it's frankly incompatible with the Park's charter. NPS knows this, but it also knows closing Beach Drive during those hours would create a political shitstorm. That's the reality of it.

Imagine the freakout if Beach were closed to cars but still open to bikes.

Geese are big and tough. There was a "This American Life" a few months ago about a guy in Spain who raises geese for paté free-range. He says that they get big enough that they can kill foxes. Tough bastards.

Just out of curiosity, where was this picture taken? Looks like JBAB.

Just west of the New Carrollton Metro.

Such a treat to see this photo! And great caption, too!

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