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I see your torture machine, and raise you a "two-wheeled iron maiden."

Not surprised by the slowing growth.

Continuing to put stations on the edge (Arlington, Alexandria) or practically unused (EOTR) is great recipe for slowing down.

The new investment in Rockville is going to be worse. Silver Spring, Bethesda will probably match the Virginia stations, but both DC and Virginia will lose money as a result. (money from MD visitors/member will now go to Maryland, rather than being split by DC and Virginia)

Alta and/or DDOT continues to drag their feet on installation. Instead of the end of March having 54 stations in, we are 18 installed by the end of April.

Eyeballing annual members, maybe on average 1000 during the "winter" months and 2000 during "summer".

The 24 hour member growth is really off the charts.

The CaBi differences (March 2012 to March 2013) might have a weather component.

It was colder this year.

March 2013 had an average high temp of 51F and an average low of 36. There were 651 heating degree days (93 degree days colder than normal) and 4 days with more than .5 inches of rain.

March 2012 avg high was 66F and avg low was 47F. There were 272 heating degree days (296 degree days warmer than normal). While there were 5 rain days, none had more than 0.1 inches.

March 2013 - colder and wetter

March 2012 - warmer and drier

Came here to write the same comment as dbb.

Wunderground data also indicates that nearly three times as much rain fell throughout March 2013 as in 2012.

I'd say that's more than enough to deter 5,500 additional rides over a 30 day period.

Yeah, I gotta think the March drop off is because of the hideous weather. I keep trying to get back into my after-work bike rides and even now it just hasn't been spring-like enough.

Love the lower one-day pass plan on CaBi. Always wanted to have that as an option and the $7 deal makes it reasonable for me.

Given that April 2013 (just announced by Bikeshare on Twitter) was over 239,000, roughly 20% higher than April 2012, I think the weather explanation holds some truth for the drop in March numbers.

One other possible explanation, derive from the weather, is that IIRC, this year's cherry blossom peak bloom was 2-3 weeks later than last years, meaning blossoms were likely at least a part of the big March 2012 numbers.

I thought the Goddard path plan was covered here when that article was published, but I guess I came across it some other way - I know I read about it before. My understanding is that they were talking about connecting Goddard to Old Greenbelt by way of the existing bike/ped bridge (which runs approximately between Roosevelt HS and Gardenway). This is a less-direct route than using the unofficial cut-through via Northway fields. I suspect many riders would continue to use the latter route unless they are prevented from doing so.

Colder, wetter, but you guys left off the worst one--windier. This winter was like a small tornado every day. On the bright side, my quads are ready for some nice long rides with less gear on them. And, I effectively taught myself a sailing technique when I had a bag on my shoulders :).

Baltimore can do a lot for making biking better by clearing the streets of broken glass, nails, etc.

I was also going to comment about the weather this past March. Much cooler than last year. Most casual cyclists will not ride in those temperatures. I can hardly blame them. It's a hassle to wear extra layers of clothing on those chilly evenings.

So when does spring finally get here?

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