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I think I've seen Donahue biking there before. The WH has a handful of staffers biking in, but I usually don't see them unless I get into work really really early or leave really late. They seem to have office hours of 5/6am to 8-10pm. Not a life I would dream of.

The story of Victoria Kong was very sad, on the week before Mother's Day.

Bike and pedestrian traffic on the Mount Vernon Trail is usually light on Friday evenings, after the early bike rush hour. And with the cool weather that day, I'm guessing that traffic was even lighter than usual. Unfortunately, that meant few opportunities for someone to spot Ms. Kong walking by herself on a cool evening along the trail.

I believe it was in the mid 40s that night. Those cool and windy conditions are probably what led to her death.


I wonder how many people passed her, still. I'm not faulting anyone, just musing.

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