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I hate to dive into the Lance BS, but I can't say I've ever really understood the Justice Department's case against him. The USPS, like any other sponsor of anything athletic, was doing it for advertising. And the team they advertised with won over and over at the biggest event in their sport. And USPS left the deal well before any of the disgrace befell the team, so how did it affect them?

No doubt the entire team (and the sport) were a bunch of cheats at the time, but I'm not sure how they can argue that the government was "defrauded" when it was paying for advertising that USPS benefited from.

I'm a little surprised at the relative Virginia and Maryland rankings. I live in Silver Spring and cycle in Montgomery County, D.C., and Northern Virginia, and i'd say Virginia has a far more extensive and well maintained trail network than Maryland does. This isn't reflected in the scoring, tho. Peculiarly, the scoring places Maryland ahead in "Education and Encouragement" despite the fact that Maryland has yet to implement CaBi.

What I cannot stand is that Armstrong is not in jail. He obtained millions by fraud, I believe there were some words about drugs etc. in the contract. Let see what would happen to anyone else who obtained millions though lying and cheating. Further seems he lead a criminal conspiracy though intimationation etc. to cheat. The entire sport does not cheat etc. But some people find Lance just as cute as Lance sees himself . Truth is Lance is was and most likely will always be a dirty bag .He belongs in jail just like Bernie Madoff or and other criminal.

God save us from "avid cyclists" who want to drive down the number of cyclists. Fuckers.

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