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The issue of the Current with the article is available here:

I find the Current a really good local paper, they cover a lot of stuff that doesn't get any press elsewhere.

I would have been happy with a few bollards at that point on the CCT.

$5000/mile sounds low for bike lanes, unless that's just the cost of the striping for a pre-existing shoulder.

Grading and paving is likely to be more like $500,000.

Seems like $100,000+ could've been better spent on something more beneficial to trail users than a wall between a parking lot and the trail (the $300,000 wasn't just for the wall). I agree with Crickey7. Have you ever seen the Bethesda Trolley Trail? Fall of the CCT and get road rash. Fall off the Bethesda Trolley Trail along Old Georgetown Rd and get run over by a fast-moving car.

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