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I was amazed and appalled--though I shouldn't have been--at the level of racist commentary on the WaPo articles on that beating, but it was probably people who were not cyclists and who were just out to vent their spleen.

Interesting about that fatality that the article didn't say whether he was wearing a helmet. I take that to mean that he was-they only feel the need to mention it when it confirms the expected bias.

Check out the comment on the article at that first link. I think these people are living in some sort of alternate reality.

I have heard of the police being accused of having a pro-Black bias. It's also been said of the City Council and generally of City employees. I don't buy it as much with the police and I think it's more people whining they got passed over for a promotion (although ask them about affirmative action as it relates to women, ie chiefs, and then the response becomes very animated). I don't think it's true either with City employees except a select few who are more political vanguard along the means of Vince Gray riding the sort of anti-gentrification movement (which is attributed to race although my observation has been it's as much wealth Black folks gentrifying as it is any other race). But race has always been a touchy subject in DC. Hard to dance around that one.

The WND article was kind of ranting, but I think they were upset that the article didn't include racial descriptions (the Post rarely does, but they apply that rare standard equally) and that they left off the Knockout game. I actually think the latter part is a legitimate criticism given the description fits it to a T and that's information that could be potentially helpful.

On another note, my favorite part of Man of Steel was at the end when he hops on a bicycle (this isn't a spoiler alert as it's irrelevant to the plotline, but I enjoyed it).

This was on WND, which is full of bomb throwing wackos. Move along.

All things considered, I'm a lot more likely to get run over on Maryland roads than mugged on the Met Branch trail.

They need to get things under control on the Met Branch. It's too important.

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