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Perhaps there should be lest time spend "yucking it up" , lest time on the betterment of conditions for the "Commuter" and give some attention to the young people of our area ?
The peace along Washington bike routes , in particular metro branch can best be had by winning the "hearts and mind" of the young people of the area.
The kids must see the trail as part of their neighborhood .
Bikes for the kids . I think that would go further toward insuring a likeable city for all now and in the future as well.
Fact is the yuppies have driven the price of bikes so high that even they can hardly afford it hence CaBi.
I don't have all the answers but then "you can always tell an ignorant person they have an answer for everything" . I do hope to put fourth the question. What can be done to get bikes into the hands of the kids?
WABA's bike rangers is just another example of their self centered outlook. Some money for their friends.
We should all look out for one another, if you see something wrong or some in need you help out.
WABA is now so upper class that we got to have bike route butlers, bike rangers to pander to us and do what we should do for one another.
Well enough I starting to get a little hot so now I gone go take my medicine and go for a spin.

david, I don't have all the answers either, but here are 2 good thing to do: (1) support WABA in their efforts to create a safer environment to ride so even kids can get around safely by bike (2) support local bike co-ops that fix up and sell kids bikes at low cost.

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