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Hopefully MPD will take this seriously. Gang attack or initiation? Not good.

WABA gets a grant from the city. This is a disgrace. Waba an oragantion that from it founding was and is by for and about the white yuppie. No money for rec. for the kids etc. but those uncle toms in city hall can always find money for their yuppies.
I sought to join Waba when it was founded its office was at 1342 conn. They were not interested in nonwhite non upper class people and the still are not.
So now they gone to send us a "a neighborhood watch".
Were it not for Waba and their ilk the bike routes would never have been seen as a white people thing. They brought that out look to this town.

yeah, because only white yuppies want to avoid getting assaulted

I heard the Internet and mobile phones were invented for and by the white yuppie too.

Why does WABA need a grant? This is a policing issue, and the police should be patroling and the EMS should know where the relevant points are on the trail. My point is that cyclists are a normal part of city, and deserve the same consideration and protection that others get from the same police force that is meant to protect us all.

Then again, a special WABA police force would be interesting.

Don't feed the trolls, people.......

@David: Because you're uninformed about the millions of dollars about to be spent retrofitting recreation facilities for the kids (your issue), here's something to read: http://dc.gov/DC/DPR/Property+Improvements/Capital+Projects/Play+DC
An estimated 5 million will be spent in ward 8 alone by October 2013.


I can't speak for others but I'd be just as upset if the cyclist was black, yellow, blue or orange. Violence is violence.

Also, plenty of people from the surrounding neighborhoods (largely non-white) use the trail as well and I'm sure they appreciate more of a police/ranger presence.

40% of DC's population does not own a car; immigrants in particular have very low rates of car ownership and use bikes to commute. Promoting biking is not a yuppie thing.

The kids on the trail that caused this incident could just as easily have been having fun by biking or running along the trail. Sneakers and bikes (esp through area co-ops) are relatively inexpensive. You can make sports/recreation as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be.

I was just amused that the paid ad that ran before the news clip was for the I-495 HOT lanes. Probably not the best investment to drum up usage, but I hope Washcycle gets a piece of the ad revenue.

This grant to WABA. Will it mean any jobs for the local. No, they will just hire their "friends". Waba is and was "elistist" and racist from the start. If that were not so perhaps they could be of some help but as it stands they are as much the problem as the kids. In fact I expect the introduction of white vigilantes will make matters worst. Perhaps we need a new chief of police.
The last thing needed is some kind of vigilantes. Too good for the MPD special people got to have special police.

well, that escalated quickly.

Waba is and was "elistist" and racist from the start. If that were not so perhaps they could be of some help but as it stands they are as much the problem as the kids.

Sure, I mean, on the one hand, you've got swarms of teens beating innocent people within an inch of their lives. On the other, you've got a non-profit cycling advocacy group that apparently didn't hire crazyboy here, and consequently he's got a bone to pick with them.

I think it's pretty obvious that the two entities are equally terrible.

Yuppie Biker Vigilante--I'd pay to go see that movie.

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