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I swear,the Onion couldn't have done better than Rabinowitz's WSJ rant. 'Begrimed'? Srsly? Blue bikes are like graffiti?

Makes that video Kennedy did about CaBi look almost sensible.

FYI: Tonight's Presidents race at Nationals Park featured all of the "Presidents" riding on the warning track on Capital Bikeshare bikes.

F.P. Santangelo then began speculating that it was a tribute to the debut of CitiBike in NYC this week. F.P. laughed a bit while explaining bikeshare, but he actually got it right, sort of. Then Johnny Holliday (who is filling in for Bob Carpenter) chimed in that bikeshare is about one-way rental, so that you can drop off a bike without worrying about bring it back to your original starting point.

I don't know if F.P. and Johnny are CaBi members but they both were familiar with it, and (mostly) gave it respect. I think they were laughing because it is kind of funny to see five big-headed Presidents riding on CaBi bikes in a race. I like CaBi and I thought the Presidents race was funny too.

A picture from the CaBi Facebook page:


I'm not sure they really needed a bike lane on Spartan Rd. I rode on it as a kid and had no problems. The roads I would put one on that may be helpful (but may require expansion some) would be Old Baltimore Rd, Morningwood and maybe Hines.

It was never clear to me just why they needed Olney itself when I lived up in the Bourbs. There was a cigar store, but I don't smoke.

Old Baltimore betw GA Ave and 108 is definitely sporty on a bike.

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