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I'm pretty sure slaves couldn't quit their jobs and I suspect not many of them were able to sue their employers for breaches of contract law, but I could be mistaken.

Not too surprising with the bike theft. That's down by Sacramento, but awesome the police caught the thugs so quickly. The FFX police station isn't too far up the road from there and they do have a bike patrol as well. Maybe they can be convinced to do an undercover bike patrol and watch similar thugs try to rob them.

I spoke with one of Capitol Bike Share's employees yesterday. I was told that the place is run largely on the basis of cronyism, which of course always has a racist element along with it. I have every reason to believe that is true as that is the custom here in DC as well as the rest of the nation.
I knew Eric Gallant when he was a bike courier at Wash. Express, I found him to be both effeminate and racist. I went out of my way to be friendly with him but it was clear he want nothing to do with his follow workers.
Just the fact that Capitol bike is nonunion is alone enough to warrant a boycott.
Yes they are cheating their workers. Either you pay what the feds require or you don't they don't.
No surprise DC government has done nothing. They are worst then the white man himself when it comes to enforcing lobar law. I urge anyone who wants to bike to buy your own bike. Get the kind of bike you want , hook it up like you want and ride it when and wear ever you feel like it. Putting money in the pockets of bike share pigs is not helping anybody. They are not a "social service" they just another group of pigs.
I shall do what I can to get all this kind of trash out of my city and all people who are concerned about justice for all should be doing the same.

I urge caution in supporting Bike to the Beach. The organization they support is notorious for its support for the (nonexistent and discredited) "link" between vaccines and autism. As the father of an autistic child, I'd love to fundraise for them, but the antivax movement is just too dangerous.

david johnson, If you're going to insult a guy, at least get his name right.

But you're characterization of Eric doesn't match up with my experience of him at all.

Frankly, based on your comments here lately, I'm not surprised that someone would want nothing to do with you.

Zach, thanks for the input. That's unfortunate, because it seems like a good event.

Remember when people could just go on a bike ride or jog when they wanted to, without having to rationalize it as being "for" something?

The requirement for permits is, I agree, a big hassle and very counterproductive to the goal of managing resources. Its the same with zoning (see GGW story recently). If you make the regulations so hard and expensive to follow, people will just find ways around it.

Also: David J- I'm not sure what you are trying to say, but my reaction is that I am against it. Seriously, man.

@ washcycle
If you are not nonwhite then no dough your experience of him would be different. He was mentioned by name as being central to the labor abuse.
BTW when I was stationed in Germany in the US army I met many men who had serviced in the Nazi invasion of Russia.
Maybe you should maybe some nonwhite non yuppie class friends too. That might broaden your view.

The Nazi veterans were less racist then the American.

$14.43 per hour = approx. $30k per year at full time.

Median U.S. wage seems to actually be lower than that:

There are a couple issues with the CaBi wages. One is whether or not they are in compliance with the law - and if not, why. It might be due to ignorance, in which case they need to make people whole. The other is whether or not they give employees what they promised them. Now I know that at one point they had to change the benefits they offer part-time employees, but I'm unsure about any other changes.

So even if they're making good money (and the slavery claim is over the top) it may be that they aren't getting what they deserve. But the investigation will hopefully sort it all out.

That post made me cry in my skirt.

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