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You mean the Wilkes Street tunnel? I wouldn't call that secret, but it is hard to spot it from the Union Street side. It's just semantics though.

I think the cut through on the south side of the Humpback bridge from MVT to Boundary Channel drive could be considered a 'secret' connection using the criteria in the original post. As is the current path to get from the north side of Long Bridge park to Boundary Channel drive. (there's also a tunnel under 395 between the Pentagon past the memorial to Pentagon City that dumps you out in the parking lot just below Joyce st. But it's fairly heavily pedestrian traffic)

The path from Potomac park south of the Lincoln memorial to Rock Creek north of it is practically secret. It's certainly not intuitive and not signed at all.

There are sneaky ways on and off the CCT: e.g. Canal Road, River Road, Mass Ave.

Riding southbound toward Alexandria, Mount Vernon Trail to Commonwealth Avenue via Four Mile Run

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