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Only three years?!

A travesty.

I will never, ever comprehend why killing someone while in a car is treated as a much more minor offense than the same action with other deadly objects.

I think the most important thing would be to forbid him from ever driving a car again.

Hey, this is WAY WAY better than most cases where the driver gets a fine or nothing at all.

Is this different than other accidental deaths? This wasn't murder, it was death due to negligence. What is the average sentence for those kinds of deaths?

The hit-and-run is the heavier part here. The maximum sentence was 10 years. My question is what is the behavior that would get someone the maximum if this one does not? Repeat offender?

a repeat offender would be a serial killer

So a drunk driver gets 12-15 years for vehicular manslaughter in VA, but a hit and run killing a cyclist gets 3 years? That's total crap. Claimed it was a deer and he couldn't see her because vegetation spilling into the roadway. So why wouldn't every drunk driver just keep going if the hit and run penalty is 1/4 of it? And how do we know he wasn't drunk on a weekend night when he hit her? I mean if I hit a deer, I would at least stop to check my car and make sure it's still driveable.

He didn't get anything for killing a cyclist. He got 3 years for leaving the scene of the accident.

Anyone who has been a regular on this site knows that if he stayed at the scene and wasn't drunk, he'd just get a ticket. Maybe.

So the maximum sentence was 10, but he got 3. Does the jury in this case decide the length of jail time? If so, what's the problem here?

Answer: The perception of the public (i.e. the jury) of this kind of offense is the problem. If the jury in fact does decide the length of the sentence (?), then the general public needs to be educated about, and sympathetic toward, the imbalance of the way we perceive injury and death from cars. Personally, I think cyclists need to obey traffic laws which apply to them - it goes a long way to changing the public perception of cars vs bikes.

Upside, in Virginia, judges do the sentencing.


Take the long view. The law still views vehicular homicide as "oops." It is a mindset that will take time to change. It took decades for people to accept that DUI is a crime.

3 years is not long enough in my opinion. 5 would be better + license revocation for another 5

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