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I would like to invite all our Dutch friends who sneer at lycra and jerseys to ride 10 miles in work clothes each way this week.

Veel geluk.

"...we don't give points on a driver's license for non-driving activity."

Inaccurate. You can absolutely get points on your license while riding a bicycle in Virginia, and I expect that to be true elsewhere.

DDOT claims that 15th Street cycle track is complete. The CLRP has it going all the way to Constitution. It ends at Pennsylvania. DDOT should really finish the project (and stand up to the "tourist knick-knack industry") or the CLRP should be modified to be accurate.

According to the CLRP document, "In 2010, DDOT submitted five bike lane projects for inclusion in the CLRP as pilot studies. Two of these projects – 15th St. NW from Constitution Ave. NW to W St. NW and nd Pennsylvania Ave. NW from 3rd St. NW to 14th St. NW – were completed in 2010."

Aaron, do you have a cite for that? I'm pretty confident about DC not giving points and that's what I was referring to.

I have no idea about DC or MD, but unfortunately I have personal experience in Virginia. I stopped at a stop sign without putting my foot down last year, and I got a citation under VA 46.2-821 (failure to yield). The code uses the term "vehicles," which applies equally to bikes and cars.

It was a $95 fine plus some number of points on my driver's license (Maybe 2 or 3?). Thankfully, a sympathetic lawyer was able to negotiate it down to just the fine.

And that is why I am a footdragger.

"I would like to invite all our Dutch friends who sneer at lycra and jerseys to ride 10 miles in work clothes each way this week."

Easy! Just don't ride so hard. You'll arrive dry and fresh as a baby! (At least according to that loon from Copenhagenize!)

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