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Happy to write a review. From their site, the product looks great.

I've gone through 3 of those Buff brand ones that seem to be the same thing, but they cost 10$ more so these look like a good deal.

I swear by the Maxit Headgator. I wear it around my neck and over my mouth once the temps dip below 50. I get about 3 winters out of them until they get too stretched out to stay up(still works as a scarf). Keeps me from getting sore throats from the cold,dry air.

In the winter I usually ride with an Underarmour balaclava, I think it's the kind that is intended to be worn by football players in cold weather. I've had it for two or three years now and it's really great. It's warm, has held its shape well throughout, and washes easily. Good stuff.

I never ride without a Head Sweat or Buff - or Buff knockoff - under my helmet. Love the versatility of the Buff(esque). On a ski trip to Colorado last winter, we stopped in at a Sports Authority, and they had Buff Knockoffs - forget the brand - on sale for $1.97 each. We picked up a half dozen.

I ride with that a.m.'s banana peel splayed on my shaved head, inside-down. Cool, pleasant-smelling, biodegradable.

I wear a Halo headband (sweatband) when I bike or run. It's not perfect but it does cut down on the amount of sweat that drips down into my eyes. Maybe 60-70% less than before.

Have you tried the Sweat Gutr? It works for me.

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