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Thank you for your service to the community (and I don't mean just bicyclists, I mean to everyone in the DC area). You have made a huge impact.

Thank you for your service.

re closure of NPS facilities: is the NPS closing the GW and BW parkways?

This morning the CCT had a half-hearted road block that was easy to side step just inside the DC line.

Ironic that the NPS would take active steps to close trails but leave the roads in there jurisdiction (e.g., George Washington Parkway) open for business as usual.

P.S. - sent you a picture of the CCT closure.

I am still seeing people exiting off the trail onto K St in Georgetown.

SJE, I was wondering the same thing. If they close the Mt. Vernon Trail, they better close the GW Parkway too.

Oh, I thought that was just a CX obstacle the NPS had setup on the CCT so we could get extra practice before this weekend's race in Hyattsville.

Thought: Gray should have just shut off all street lights completely. Now if there's anything that would have impacted/pained congress persons more, it's creating traffic chaos this way. And think of this - more people possibly biking as a result?

On a serious note, the barrier NPS put up across the CCT is low enough that I would be worried someone going down the trail at speed early morning/later night might not notice it in time.

Congrats on 8 years! Thanks!

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