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Stupid current design if you ask me. It should be a lane going uphill and a sharrow going downhill.

Great idea and would use the lanes often. The parking is rarely used but occasionally, many residents use the parking as a way to unload and load things into backyards. An exemption for temporary loading and unloading for residents might be a good idea for placating concerns.

My elderly mother lives in the proposed bike lane segment of King St. She is not the only senior on that stretch of road. As I visit her on a regular basis, I can attest that the statistic showing "less than three of the 37 spaces along King Street are filled on average" is erroneous. Weekends should be considered--especially since there is nowhere within a block and a half to park if I cannot park in front of her house She keeps her car in the driveway close to the curb because of mobility issues getting into and out of her car. I cannot park there nor can any visitors or repair people. Where would I park if not in front of the house? There are side streets that are PACKED with cars almost all the time (and especially on weekends). So you're saying that visitors are supposed to find parking there? Check out those side streets --including the NARROW alley called Outlook Lane and crowded W. View Terrace and Braxton Pl.--before you assume we will all have somewhere convenient to park. Also, this is a long walk in ice and snow--not to mention contractors trying to access homes with repair tools and equipment.

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