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Sounds good too me.
That part about allows ambient sounds is a big plus. All to often I see joggers with both ears stopped up , no way to hear my bell, weaving over the bike route.
As for myself I get more then enough mass media. What good is a ride in the woods if you gone to bring the media noise with you.

Speaking of being hated, I was following an older cyclist last week. I rang my bell a few times to let him know I was passing. He got seriously pissed that I didnt say "on your left." He couldnt hear my bell, while everyone else on the trail could (as shown by moving right, signalling, etc). I pointed out that it was not my fault that he couldnt hear (I didnt poit out that he was He was riding at dusk, without lights, and blew through a red light a few minutes earlier). He started on a tirade of complaints that continued as I pulled away. I can just imagine how it would be if he had ear phones as well, or if the trail had been crowded.

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