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At one point last week, I remember seeing a Strava segment creatively titled Alpe d'Crystal for this piece of "infrastructure", but it sadly appears to have already been taken down.

In any case, it looks more like a course to test one's bike handling skills more than an accommodation for cyclists.

Fortunately, it's only temporary FWIU, if that's solace to anyone.

It looks like a video game.

It needs a few bollard to make the ride more interesting ... especially when going downhill.

You know how there are 1,000 page manuals for highways specifying turning radii and the such?

Did the person who plan this open that book?

It's better than the almost-vertical-drop 'ramp' that gets you off the CCT onto Mass Ave near Little Falls.

This should be easy to negotiate with a child in a stroller, but anyone on bike will find this difficult. Why do we spend billions on making cambered curves and cloverleafs for cars, but can't do the basics for a bike path?

It looks like a lot of fun. On my mountain bike. Not so much for a regular road bike route.

This is clearly spec'd only for ADA compliance (wheelchairs and strollers). The bicycle connection is still 13 years overdue:

Why all the grousing? It's an improvement over the desire path that was there and is intended to be temporary.

There is a lot of work planned for this area of 4 Mile Run. Hopefully we'll get better connections here within the next 3-4 years.

The grousing is because this is yet another example of a government agency building something that affects cyclists but that clearly has not been reviewed by anyone who has ever actually ridden a bike. (Nobody can turn that sharply while biking uphill or downhill.)

MVJ: exactly. We see this lack of perspective all over the place, and then have planners ask why more people aren't biking or are on the road. Meanwhile, we spend billions making sure that cars can go fast. Even on Rock Creek, with a 25mph limit, there is a camber and nice exit ramps.

Not to dis architects, but this looks like it was designed by a landscape architect, not a transportation engineer.

I agree that the design is pretty terrible but to say no one can make turns that sharp is ludicrous. Anyone with a modicum of bike handling ability shouldn't have a problem.

It's a chicane. Read the study.

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