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The design will make cycling in that area a lot safer for 2 main reasons:
1) it removes the conflict zone created when drivers cross the bike lane when trying to enter the Blue Goose parking lot from Fairfax Drive
2) cyclists coming from the Custis trail onto Fairfax Drive will have an easier and safer trip to get to the Glebe/Fairfax intersection instead of waiting at a long Wakefield light, maneuvering on the crowded sidewalk, or illegally crossing from the sidewalk/parking lot entrance (full disclosure: I tend to choose the last option because I find it to be most efficient)

Crossing from a parking entrance to eastbound Fairfax Drive is not illegal. It's called making a left turn from a parking lot and is legal as long as you yield to traffic on Fairfax Drive.

@I forgot: Honestly, I never thought of it like that. Thank you, I now feel slightly less scofflaw-like.

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