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[x] Like.

Violation of terms of service:
Section 12 Prohibited Acts
d. Member must not carry a second person on a Capital Bikeshare bicycle.

If you read the CaBi user agreement, it says "no passengers", so yeah, it's not allowed. However, if you are going to do it anyway, I recommend the Tyketoter:

My good friend Jonathan (Who many of you probably know) had one of these for his daycare pickup, and it worked great. The QR clamp mounts in about 30 seconds, and he just got a longer velcro strap to put the foot pegs on the downtube. Importantly, while against the CaBi user agreement, installing it this way is consistent with the manufacturers specifications, so you can be confident that the whole setup is designed and tested this way. It's been around for several years and has presumably passed various product safety tests and real world experience.

Anyway, it's way better than having your kid sit in the CaBi's front rack, which I've seen numerous times.

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