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Is that a scooter on the far sidewalk?

The Mt Pleasant idea looks interesting. Too bad it's Mt Pleasant, so the bike lane will be covered by double-parked cars with MD plates most of the time. I guess it could be a useful toilet for the weathered drunks who hang out in the park on constant rotation.

Ha. You're not wrong. I love my neighborhood, but that spot is an absolute mess between buses just doing whatever they want, drivers doing the same, and the local inebriates you mentioned shambling zombie-like across the road without concern for either. It's going to take more than a bike lane to make that area navigable- maybe with lots of enforcement (ha ha)? Finding a way to get a lot of the cyclists off the sidewalks is a worthy goal, though.

I just moved from there (to Logan) last month. The sidewalk biking bothered me, but that seemed to be more of a weird "class-distinction" thing. Professionally dressed, always wearing helmets (i am not saying this is good or bad!), lights on at night: most often in the road. Small bmx or mountain bikes, flatbrim hats, rarely with lights on at night: most often on the sidewalk. From what I remember

I don't see that around my new place. However, I was hit by an old dude on a bike while i was walking home from work on sidewalk of Rhode Island Ave NW. Old man, if you are reading this comment, ride on the road or be more careful when passing people.

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