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Thanks for warning me of the stupidity of the second article. I am glad I didn't lose 5 minutes of my life reading Tyrell's nonsense.

I was oddly impressed by the R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. takes effort to troll that hard and write something that incoherent. It comes off like a conservative, anti-bike Poe.

Just want to thank Mr. Buckley for viewing me "humanely." I will endeavor to do the same for him.

Thank you for pointing towards that article. It was hilarious. Given that I refuse to believe that an adult can be so clueless, I prefer to imagine it as a satirical piece.

Oooooh, American Spectator. Now I can categorize this silly King Street thing with the Colorado-U.N. bike conspriacy thing. Wing nuts iz weird.

Don't you know that no cyclist has ever worked a day in his life? Ever? (And yes, they are all men. Lycra-wearing, Lance-wannabe men in their 20s. And affluent too. Except for the unemployed guys. Or the construction workers who are too poor to own a car. But they are still affluent.)

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