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There are separate plans to create a bike connection between Boundary Channel Drive and the Humpback Bridge, as part of the Boundary Channel Drive Interchange project. Construction is expected to begin at the end of this year or in early 2015 (subject to the usual delays of most construction projects).

While the Boundary Channel path would be a little longer than a direct connection from Long Bridge Park, it wouldn't be too bad. Cyclists will be able to take Boundary Channel Drive to a new trail that connects to the dead-end trail from the Humpback Bridge.

The interchange redesign could allow the new trail to be placed farther away from the Boundary Channel, which could alleviate DOD concerns about the path. (Still not sure what those concerns are. Car and truck drivers can already drive right next to the proposed trail. Cyclists and pedestrians can also take that path today. A bike trail would not open that area to any new threats.)


I hope the County can clear up the problem with the Aquatic Center bids. The County Manager said that an engineering firm had provided a cost estimate but all of the bids exceeded the proposed budget. Is there something fishy going on with the contractors and their bids?

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