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The Rhode Island Ave trolley trail is currently under construction from Riverdale to route 1 in Hyattsville, including the section along the east side of the new development in Hyattsville. I don't know how much work they will do in the winter, but it looks to me like it should be finished by spring.

The current project does not address the gap between Riverdale and College Park, which is supposed to be done if/when the Whole Foods project moves forward.

U.S. Bike Rt 1 could use some better signage, but I don't think it's quite designed right in parts of NOVA anyway. For example, they want you to take MVT down to Mt. Vernon Highway and then ride up Rt 1 through Ft. Belvoir and connect down part Pohick Church to a side road. It's a nice stretch of 45mph, curved, without any shoulder right there. A better idea would be to try to make it easier to access Ft. Belvoir coming from the north/east there and then folks pop out down by Backlick Rd (Tulley Gate I believe). You can ride through the base and it's 10x safer than riding on Rt 1 there because that section of Rt 1 really is a death trap. It's not as bad coming from the south/west because you can enter Ft. Belvoir and exit atop the hill of Rt 1, wait for the light and then cruise down Rt 1 with no traffic behind you to link up with Mt. Vernon Highway.

I hope these folks actually try riding the areas they find as priorities so they can see points like this.

Give a couple of days before the Agenda 21 charges start flying.

I, for one, welcome our new Communist overlords and their pretty red bicycles.

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