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I'll be there, speaking.

If the city pulls back from implementing a bike lane in the face of all the evidence that it would improve safety AND not inconvenience drivers are they okay then with cyclists taking the lane and riding at *their* normal speed?

Would they still be okay if such cyclists were doing so everyday at rush hour?

The vote was 5-2 against. The bike lane supporters managed to convince one other member of the board as to the merits of the plan however the final decision will be with city council on March 15 so the board didn't have much to do in terms of real decisions knowing that theirs could be overridden.

I'm starting to think that this is less about the TBP being immune to facts (or just plan so stupid they can't understand simple facts), and more about one or two of them having an eye on a City Council spot and not wanting to make a controversial decision.

Imagine voting for the lanes, and against that rabid pack of influental citizens and THEN running for Council? Good luck, buddy. Dead in the water. Maybe this is giving them too much credit. Maybe they really are just that ignorant, or biased towards car parking.

But either way, I don't want someone stupid, biased or unable to make a tough decision on MY City Council, so if I see any of their names on a ballot at any point in the future, I know what to do.

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