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"Williams got into the travel portion of the roadway towards the eastbound lanes"

If you are travelling by bicycle, shouldnt you be in a "travel lane"

Can anyone from near there comment on the amount of "travel lane" available after the snow?

I know that road fairly well and, as TWC notes, the shoulder goes away in that stretch. It is heavily traveled at high speed. I don't' know what the snow situation is, but it is a principle highway and would likely have been completely clear. Edgewater is fairly near the site of the Cunningham tragedy.

Agree with WC. There is nothing there that could be called a shoulder/non-travel portion of the road. From what I can tell from Google StreetView one has about 6 inches between the edge paint and the physical edge of the roadway.

Standard driver defense - cyclist suddenly weaved in from of me. CHECK.

Standard police response - wind shield perspective active - CHECK.

I would also like to note that at 4:40 PM traveling westbound the sun would have been low in the sky and may have caused a visibility issue for the driver.

"...was struck by Lawson's truck."

Which I suppose must have snapped and, in a murderous robot rage, decided to kill the first human it saw. Completely independent of its driver. The phrasing they use in these crash reports really is insulting.

It's Maryland. The only standard for safe driving is non-drunk. Therefore, the motorist was not at fault.

This from Anne Arundel County: Police Searching for Hit-And-Run Driver Who Struck Bicyclist


I know a number of people in this area. Suffice it to say, in this case, it really does appear to be rider error for a variety of reasons. Sad and tragic nonetheless.

Wow, and nary a mention of helmet use by the cyclists! Let's hear it for the Anne Arundel Patch. Nice comment on there as well, Kolo.

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