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Wolf spider?

My Lakes certainly justified their spendy price this year, but I wish I had bought the MTB version for just this reason. I can just about get upstairs using cleat covers.

I have mice in the garage. If I don't remember to leave my boots upside down I have to shake them out before I put them on.

You got the pricey Lakes? I could never justify the expense, at least until I burned through 60 pairs of hand and foot warmers this winter.

Foot warmers are a sensible approach, of course, but sort of a pain to use. I have some mild posterior spinal cord damage which has made cold hands and feet even more unpleasant. Perhaps most tellingly, my other , other, bike is a 40' sailboat, so I'm used to spending in "boat units" (equivalent to about 4 pairs of Lakes) and, therefore, can't be considered rational on this issue.

Still haven't found anything good for the hands when it's much sub 20, though and I'm up to glove liners, Dachstein mittens, and Goretex shells. Haven't tried those cowlings yet, but I don't like the idea.

I really like my lobster claw mittens. I usually don't need anything more than that, but I have a short commute these days.

The Lakes look nice; I considered them but went with the Shimano SH-MW81s, and then we had a warm winter and I hardly used them. They've been great this winter though and I love them so much I want it to get cold again.

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