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The thing I don't see here is how bikes make effective and safe left turns for any situation except the all red for cars and all green for bikes.

Two-stage left turn.

Great idea for bikes, but good luck getting these approved by traffic planners when it narrows traffic from two lanes down to one in each direction at every intersection. For any streets with more than minimal traffic, it will grind everything to a halt unless there are already an excess of lanes, in which case you can give the protected bike lane more separation and space for improved safety.

Can this design be adapted to to two-way cycle tracks on one side of the street, as is apparently the preferred design in DC?

Usually I'm not a fan of bike lanes for safety reasons but this plan deals really well with the safety issues.

The main problem I see is that it is common for drivers to block crosswalks. At the same time many drivers roll through red lights, turning right without stopping, even if peds are present.

Dropping a car lane at intersections? Seriously?

What the video really needs, order to be convincing, is a reader with a deeper, more assertive, voice and, perhaps, a hint of a Southern accent.

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