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The right side of the text of this story is covered by the advertizing. Something wrong with the formatting for this specific article.

Fixed it.

As long as we are talking formatting, the addition of "tweet" and "like" icons does not display well, at least in chrome. It's creating big gaps between 2 lines of tags/links at the bottom of the post.

Thanks. Sorry to raise formatting before the substance of this important story.

What horrified me about this story is that the State objected to clearing the driver of the felony, but nevertheless thought it appropriate to give a one year sentence to a driver who was (a) drinking (b) hit and run (c) killed someone and (d) had seriously injured someone before. WTF? She's 23, and has already killed one person and maimed another. Why is this person even allowed to drive?

That's Joe Dombrowski's sister, btw.

And how do you hit someone with your driver's side and claim you thought you hit a deer?

Yeah, getting those buttons to work has been a paid in the keister. I've kind of given up, but might revisit it later when I'm less frustrated with it.

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