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That intersection is the most dangerous one I bike on a regular basis. Even with the delayed light that gives peds/bikes a head start, it's a weekly thing to have a close call (the first car goes b/c maybe it has time to, but the ones behind have their sightlines obscured by it). I really wish they'd do something about it. I suppose they think a flyover would be too expensive, but they built Rosslyn with several above-street-level walkways and a flyover across Lee Highway. It could be done.

Across the last 5 years, Lee & Lynn averages 4 reported bike & ped collisions a year, putting it #1 for bike & ped collisions in Arlington over that time frame. Who knows how many unreported collisions and close calls go on there each year.

If you can make it to the Open House, I encourage you to make pointed remarks about how a plan for the next 20 to 30 years of Rosslyn is apparently OK with not addressing Arlington's most dangerous intersection for bikes & peds.

The state is still trying to sell the air rights above I-66 for development. That could bring in a lot of money, which is supposed to be targeted on transportation improvements in Rosslyn (and elsewhere?).

Some of that money could go toward a bike bridge from MVT over Lynn St. The existing ground-level trail could remain for those turning south into Rosslyn.

I haven't heard any updates about the I-66 proposal since it was covered in ARLnow months ago. I don't expect anything to happen immediately, but it seems like this would be the best long-term solution.

Not long ago, there were very nebulous plans for an underpass. I still think that is more likely than a bridge.

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