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It is a sad commentary on our culture that money is privided as a motivation for people to do what is right. Hard to fathom that some citizen in the area does not know this man or has not seen this car at some point. 'Tis one of the lowest forms of human that will injure fellow humans and fail to render any sort of assistance.

I have long thought that any person who leaves the scene of an injury accident should be legaly presumed as Driving Under the Influence. This should be part of the deal when a driver accepts the privilege of operating a vehicle on public highways. The burden should be on the driver to prove he/she was not DUI at the time of the incident, not on law enforcement to prove the driver was. IMO, too many drivers escape charges (and therefore conviction) of DUI or DWI by leaving the scene.

How on earth can the driver who hit these 2 women sleep at night? Hope he rots in Hell...

Instead of just building shared use paths that end within city limits and shoulders that begin in the countryside, the state and the federal government are perfectly capable of building an interstate trail system just like they did in the 1950s with the highway interstate system then these hit and runs wouldn't happen. I have biked my majority of mileage on Side paths for 10 years and never had a hit and run.

I agree that we can build safer infrastructure, but considering that pedestrians are frequently run down while on the sidewalk and cyclists have been hit by cars on trails where cars are banned, I never underestimate the ingenuity of some drivers when it comes to finding new ways to crash into people. And as long as we have hits, there will always be some people who run.

Maybe when cameras become cheap enough, small black-box style cameras built in to the bike will become standard. That might stop the running, but not the hitting.

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