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I think this is great news - we FINALLY got an important bike safety bill through the legislature. For dooring, and following, we will try again next year (with special attention to educating Creigh Deeds, I suspect)

Baby steps. Good work for cyclist advocates in getting the 3-foot bill passed. I have hopes for the dooring bill in future sessions.

Talk about a role reversal in the VGA. Del. Comstock becomes the advocate for cyclists and Sen. Deeds flips to become the enemy? Sad.

A 3-foot law is a huge step. A dooring law won't stop most people from dooring, but perhaps the publicity will help (and of course the liability issue).

Cosgrove switched because he had a friend who was hit on a bike. If only all conservatives could have such friends, or something, I guess.

Really unimpressed with Deeds, here. He reads his email. Let him know if you are, too. He's generally been a good friend to cycling in the past, so it's doubly frustrating.

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