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Pretty cool visualization. Has there been any updated information about constructing the more direct route along the river south of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens? It's going to be frustrating to have a non-direct route after so much effort. I think the trail will have much less value as a commuter/transportation corridor until (1) the direct route is built and (2) the bridge near the Arboretum makes it possible to connect more directly to Capitol Hill/H St corridor.

Also the figure in the video is riding a CaBi . . I am guessing those won't be in frequent use on the trail unless they expand to the Bladensburg/Hyattsville area.

@Purple Eagle,
Seriously. This is maybe the most circuitous bike path I may have ever seen in my life. So much for encouraging bike commuting, and with all the bridges and elevated sections, it looks like it will cost a fortune. It's a real shame that all that money can't build a path that's useful for both recreation AND transportation.

Also, the section on Anacostia Ave is NOT a bike path, it's a sidewalk. This is the same that happens with the "paths" all along the National Mall. Haven't we learned the difference by now? Maybe it would help if the people that design these things actually, you know, ride bicycles from time to time.

*sigh* We still have such along long way to go.

Purple Eagle. I believe this is still just Phase I of the two Phase project. That's what the EA shows.


Though this is a deviation from that, in that the northern section of the trail will be the river section (which is better).

You can read my post about the two phases here.


Here's the FONSI from 2012 in which NPS says that Phase II is still in the plan.


But the process of preparing the old landfill is still under way. I don't think a preferred alternative has been selected for example.

WC, thanks. I remember reading your detailed posts the phase II before but was wondering if any more details had emerged. I wonder, for example, how long they expect remediation of the landfill site to take. The construction of the current segment is already behind schedule, it seems to me, given that the had a "groundbreaking" almost 2 years ago (fall 2012 I think?)

What's with the chicken-wire cage under the railroad tracks at Mile 3 (2:10 on the video)?

I was disappointed with how the earlier bridge over the tracks, by the boathouse, has a trapped / industrial feel at the peak because of a similar cage. Is this a railroad-related requirement?

I think it is a railroad thing.


Thank for the additional info. Phase II will make this projects immensely more useful. I'd love to hear an update about its current status.

Initially I too saw the widened map and thought "Wow, that looks like an incredibly indirect route". I then looked up this area on Google maps to zoom down in and see actual real distance measurements and realized that these side jaunts really aren't as far out of the way as they seem. Looking forward to this opening!

My estimate, using Gmap pedometer, is that the distance of this new trail segment will be 3.6 miles, vs 2.2 miles for the direct route along the river. So that's 63% longer - I would call that indirect. Plus there are at least 5 turns of 90+ degrees, which slow speeds quite a bit (think of the turns on the Met Branch trail north of NY Ave).

It's too bad that DDOT decided to around the old racetrack instead of cut across it. I remain hopeful that once the trail is in place, there will be more political will to do so as people complain about the detour. But otherwise I await Phase II.

This is probably still a faster route than any alternative, and might be worth crossing the river (as opposed to Bladensburg road) because it will be flatter and I won't have to stop for traffic signals or traffic. Plus it will just be nicer. But it will be interesting to see if I can make it from Independence and 13th to the NE Branch trail faster on the new trail.

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